Progress, finally?

Kung fu dancer

It's finally cold, and I can get back to all my projects!

Today's progress:

  • Completed lesson one of Udacity's Applied Cryptography course, though I'll have to review the second half of the lesson. It's in some ways easier to follow than the more terse and academic Coursera alternative, but sometimes in other places it's too fast for its own good and harder to follow ultimately.

  • Got back to Clojure with problem 89 of 4Clojure. I hadn't touched it in forever, and I blame my laziness for opening emacs and the repl and remembering all of emacs shortcuts. Those are the kind of little hurdles that keep you from doing stuff. Today I decided to let go a bit and just do a simple lein repl.

  • Updated and finally started working on some things that have always bothered me about it. More importantly, I'm cleaning up all my servers and establishing a clear and easy to remember pipeline so I don't leave things rotting for months anymore. It felt pretty neat to solve some server and database issues that would once have given me days of headaches with 40 browser tabs open in a matter of minutes!

  • Ripped a shitty three.js example and updated with it. It's really crappy, but at least I'm finally doing something other with webgl than not-finishing a tutorial.

  • Started researching provisioning tools (Salt, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant), which have always scared me a little bit, but now I realize are essential for any serious sysadmin work these days. And most importantly, resisted the tempation to get lost in that rabbit hole and throwing me off everything else!;w

  • And finally, after a very, very long time, started making this blog happen!Last commit was from 6 months ago!And I hadn't even pushed it, so when you went to the site it still had the template name on it instead of my title.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll keep going on a similar streak and finally start my music irc program and get on with finding a job...

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